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Negros Occidental, the Sugar Capital of the Philippines, never runs out of sweet treats to delight the palate.
Long before other Negros delicacies and newer treats entered the picture in modern packaging, Quan already established itself as one of the province’s veterans in sweet treats and pasalubong delicacies. Launched in 1985 with all of two employees, what used to be a puto and “puto-pao” hearth soon became a hub for sumptuous Negrense renditions of Napoleones, Cassava Pandan Pudding, Butterscotch, Brownies, Ensaimadas and Ensaimaditas, and more.

QUAN’s famed Cassava Pandan Pudding
According to Pinoy BizNiz, Quan launched its unique line of tarts, tartlets and cookies last 2011: M&M’s: Monggo and Malunggay Tarts; Mango, Pineapple, Banana and Ube Tartlets; Oatmeal Kofi Cookies, Kofi Krunch Cookies, Kofi Nutty Cookies, Kofi Delight, and more. Quan also launches seasonal sweet treats in time for celebrations such as Christmas and Valentine’s.
Nowadays, Quan also has a catalogue of its trademark sauces and salad dressings. And not to be outdone by the newbies, Quan also has a selection of delectable cakes.

Quan has come a long, long way from its puto business back in the 80′s. A full 27 years after its launch, Quan not only has puto and puto-pao to its name, but it now has restaurant branches serving the food-loving Negrense people. It even has an outlet serving Makati City. Below is a list of Quan’s branches:
  • Northdrive
  • #3 La Salle Avenue, Capitolville
  • Lopue’s Department Store – Araneta
  • Lopue’s Department Store – San Sebastian
  • Robinson’s Supermarket
  • Gaisano City – Supermarket
  • Lopue’s East Center
  • Manila Outlet: 1797 Dian St. Palanan, Makati City (Parallel to Cash and Carry)
Quan’s restaurants serve sumptuous, comforting, trademark Ilonggo/Negrense fare, in “Quan Easy Meals“:
  • Arroz Caldo
  • Pork Adobo
  • Chicken Adobo
  • Grilled Porkchop
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Tenderloin Tips

Quan even serves its own rendition of the Canary Islands/Spanish original dish, the Ropa Vieja. Clearly, Quan celebrates Negros Occidental’s Spanish roots and retains a part of this heritage in its menu, via the Ropa Vieja.

QUAN Easy Meals’ rendition of Ropa Vieja

Quan is no doubt a Negrense culinary pillar, and having its presence and participation in the Negros Trade Fair year after year is certainly an honor; not to mention an ode to the long walk that has been the Negros Trade Fair.
We at raise our Quan Puto’s and Cassava Pandan Puddings, in salutations to the excellence that is QUAN!
Visit Quan’s Facebook Page here: QUAN Delicacies

QUAN: A Negrense Delicacy “Veteran”

The rooster just crowed and announced the break of dawn. You stretch and wipe the sleep off your eyes as you reluctantly psych yourself up to the new day that’s before you. As you step into your slippers to walk over to the kitchen, the familiar scent of warm…

QUAN Puto and Victorias Sardines assails your nose. You slice off an end of a Victorias sardine and pat it onto your QUAN puto. You bite into your Bacolodnon breakfast treat, and wherever you are in the world, you are transported back to Bacolod, Negros Occidental, once again.

The breakfast combination of QUAN Puto and Victorias Sardines is unbeatable for an authentic Bacolodnon/Negrense breakfast.
They say that pictures, scents, clothing, and FOOD are the anchors to stories of bygone days, or of beloved hometowns. Nothing beats QUAN puto and Victorias Sardines for warping you back into time, or back to Bacolod, just for a moment. So find a can of Victorias Sardines in a Filipino store or grocery near you, find or make authentic Filipino Puto, or for those who live in Makati, a QUAN store is near you. You may also grab your packs of QUAN puto in the Salcedo Market.
The classic Negrense/Filipino breakfast: there’s nothing quite like it.

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QUAN Puto and Victorias Sardines: A Breakfast Story

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Negrense is featured at the first Philippine issue of the internationally-renowned Elle Decoration Magazine! Karl Aguila, owner of ANP-member Atelier Aguila, was one of the furniture designers featured here in this Summit Media magazine that was launched last week at the Metropolitan Museum in the presence of H.E. French Ambassador Garanchon and Elle Magazine Magazine team.

The team took snapshots of the photos printed in the pages of Elle Decoration Philippines first issue. Elle Decoration featured every nook and cranny of Karl Aguila’s Mediterranean-inspired house by the pristine seas of Siaton, Negros Oriental. In a few chats with Mr. Karl Aguila, he mentioned that this house is open on special appointments, especially for clients interested with his furniture.

If you want to get hold of a copy of Elle Decoration Philippines’ First (October 2012) Issue, the magazine is available in all major bookstores and magazine bars in the country at a price of P200. Also, visit the Atelier Aguila’s website at

Atelier Aguila Featured at Elle Decoration Philippines Magazine First (October 2012) Issue

Perhaps you have heard before the saying that “Simplicity is Beauty” or “Simplicity is Elegance” and it holds true for products as well especially for gifts and houseware. Silay Export holds these in their products very well with their simple but elegant designs that suits needs of your home. Items from tops to frames and jewelry boxes, Silay Export has these items premium for your pockets.

For Silay Export, Simplicity Is Beauty And Elegance

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Typical to us Filipinos particularly Negrenses, the next best thing to bring home after vacation are souvenir shirts. Shirt brands like Team Manila are making raves in the market but in Bacolod, a new shirt brand is rising for the vacacionistas needs in the City of Smiles. Local Hermit Souvenirs is making a hit with their unique t-shirt designs, simple but classy, and a number of Manileños have dropped by their booth to buy some souvenir shirts with some wishing to see some of these t-shirts available in Manila stores.

Local Hermit Comes Out In The Open With Novelty Souvenir Shirts

Moving in to a new pad in the Metro? You would be in need of furniture that are custom-made for small pads but but looks classy for a comfortable living in the city. Wood is often the choice of people who wants to have a relaxing home. Woods and Twist, longtime member and exhibitor of the Negros Trade hair offers variety of furniture for decorating needs, all made of hardwood from Negros.

Wouldn’t this table set look good on your new pad?

Furniture For Your New Pad From Woods and Twists

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Negrenses far and wide, especially those from the resort town of Murcia, would know Green Harvest Foods as a thumbs up in quality food products. Known for its delicious pickles, kaong and nata de coco, the company has built a good reputation even outside Negros Island that has given Murciahanons much pride. Situated in Brgy. Blumentritt, just a few hundred meters past the boundary with Bacolod City, Green Harvest is an agro-industrial pioneer in the town, outdating even the nearby Tanduay Distillery.

From its specialty kaong, nata de coco and pickles, Green Harvest has diversified into other processed items like Spanish sardines, gourmet guinamos or shrimp paste, canned tuyo or dried herring, and special black vinegar, to delicatessen staples like cold ham, sausages and cheeses that are sold at a cheaper price than most specialty delis. The company also produces seasonal jams and patés, together with other holiday favorites. Watch out for Green Harvest items readily available in most supermarkets nationwide.

Green Harvest Presents More Products For The Negros Trade Fair

When people say Negros, sugar always comes to mind but when it comes to muscovado, the byword for locals and tourists alike is the Alter Trade Manufacturing Corporation. Founded at the height of the sugar crisis in 1978, Alter Trade is a company experienced with exporting products overseas with its first overseas export sent to Japan in 1987. Today, its muscovado milling plant in Ma-ao, Bago, same district as the once mighty Central Azucarera de Ma-ao, continues to produce for their expanded international markets.

At the Negros Trade Fair, the team spotted a number of boxes with labels in German, French and Italian under the Claro and Alter Eco brands which is Alter Trade’s official brands for marketing in Europe. Currently, Alter Trade exports their muscovado products to South Korea, Germany, Malaysia, Austria, Japan and France which finds its way to pastries, liquor drinks and even the famed Swiss and Belgian chocolate. Alter Trade is one of only few mills in the country to pass the strict international fair trade standards.

Apart from Muscovado, Alter Trade also produces organic produce like bananas, tuber cookies, organic novelty rice, vegetable-based noodles and tablea chocolates for the local and some limited international markets. Bananas from Alter Trade’s farm is of the Balangon variety which is native to Negros and now finds its way primarily in the dining tables of Japan and South Korea with its co-product, organic banana chips, which has a variety of flavors ranging from classic sweet ones, to spicy and turmeric as well.

Alter Trade Brings Products From Local To Global

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