Monday, October 15, 2012

QUAN Puto and Victorias Sardines: A Breakfast Story

The rooster just crowed and announced the break of dawn. You stretch and wipe the sleep off your eyes as you reluctantly psych yourself up to the new day that’s before you. As you step into your slippers to walk over to the kitchen, the familiar scent of warm…

QUAN Puto and Victorias Sardines assails your nose. You slice off an end of a Victorias sardine and pat it onto your QUAN puto. You bite into your Bacolodnon breakfast treat, and wherever you are in the world, you are transported back to Bacolod, Negros Occidental, once again.

The breakfast combination of QUAN Puto and Victorias Sardines is unbeatable for an authentic Bacolodnon/Negrense breakfast.
They say that pictures, scents, clothing, and FOOD are the anchors to stories of bygone days, or of beloved hometowns. Nothing beats QUAN puto and Victorias Sardines for warping you back into time, or back to Bacolod, just for a moment. So find a can of Victorias Sardines in a Filipino store or grocery near you, find or make authentic Filipino Puto, or for those who live in Makati, a QUAN store is near you. You may also grab your packs of QUAN puto in the Salcedo Market.
The classic Negrense/Filipino breakfast: there’s nothing quite like it.

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