Friday, September 18, 2015

Explosion of Flavours from Negros

One has to be fast on one’s feet so as the lines will get long at the blink of an eye. The choices are innumerable and will overload the sight, smell and taste senses. It is like a cruel joke when one can only partake of so much.  What am I talking about? Why, Negros cuisine of course! 

How do we start? Why, soup definitely. I stand near the ubad, its main ingredient is the innermost part of the banana trunk, cooked with chicken, monggo beans and dried string bean seeds. One is transported back to Negros upon the first sip of its broth. Then the mandatory Chicken Inasal  and Chorizo for the main meal. I will not mention the family brand but they are all good whichever  the brand. It will not be complete without the side dishes such as pickled vegetables and the binuro nga bilong-bilong.  Now that is lunch! One can only eat so much but one can try the lumpiang ubod for merienda. Good thing the pianonos and empanadas can be had and taken home for another round of guilty pleasures.

The cuisine of Negros sets it apart from other regional dishes. The Association of Negros Producers hit it right when they included foodstuffs from Negros in the first Negros Trade Fair 30 years ago. The ANP knew that it was not only products that they are offering, but instead they brought Negros with them for people to experience with all their senses and that includes the taste buds.

The recipes were refined in the kitchens of the gracious hacenderos, using the finest of ingredients and lovingly cooked and prepared by those who were handed down the recipes from earlier generations. That the ANP continues to create new recipes lends credence to the innovativeness of the Negrense not only in crafts but in native cuisine as well.

Come to the 30th Negros Trade Fair at the Glorietta Activity Center and experience the products and tastes of Negros from September 16 to September 20, 2015.

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The Negros Trade Fair is the longest running provincial trade fair in the Philippines held annually in Metro Manila since 1985.

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