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Ading's Gourmet Tuyo

Glamorizing the Tuyo for the International Market

After training abroad in the culinary arts, who would have thought that she will go back to her hometown and develop an export-quality product from the lowly tuyo?

April Lacson-Justiniani has a lot of trainings under her belt. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management from the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod, she proceeded to finish culinary arts from the Institute of Culinary Arts Bacolod, also under USLS. She then underwent a six-month internship on molecular gastronomy in Mexico and attended various vocational courses in the United States.

But eventually, April found her way back to Bacolod, settled down, and started working on improving her family’s gourmet tuyo recipe for the market. She has been doing this for the last two years and her product has been well-accepted by both locals and tourists.

What makes April’s gourmet tuyo unique is that the fish are not filleted but rather shredded so you get the fullness of the flavor in every pinch. The fish was cooked several times, manually shredded to remove the bones and cooked in olive oil and special spices. 

Hailing from two of the oldest clans of the province of Negros, April says that her gourmet tuyo has strong Spanish influence handed down in her family. Her mom introduced the addition of sliced olives and they would just make them regularly for family gatherings and picnics. It was actually common fare in their circle. Eventually, April found the technology to make the shelf life longer and the business was born.

 Producer/Member – April Lacson Justiniani
How the ANP Matters
Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo joined the Association of Negros Producers (ANP) a few months after April started bottling their gourmet. She named her gourmet tuyo after her daughter Adi and then just added “ng” to make it sound like a vintage nickname.

April says that she’s happy that she belongs to a group like the ANP that celebrates and promotes local products. She has benefited greatly from the seminars held for the producers while Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo became more popular because of the product’s exposure in local and national trade events.

One of the highlights that April received in her young venture is being offered a private labelling arrangement with a popular resort in Manila, but she had to decline because she would like to be able to market her product under its own brand.

At present, April can produce up to 100 bottles per week. But she is looking at increasing her production as well as her exposure in the market in the near future. She is now working with the DOST for her expansion.

Adings Gourmet Tuyo is available online through their Facebook page and at the Negros Showroom. They ship nationwide, too. April may be reached through Mobile No. +639258000401.

31st Negros Trade Fair "One Sweet Spot"
September 14-16, 2016, 
Glorietta Mall, Makati

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