Friday, September 16, 2016

31st Negros Trade Fair showcases unique fashion incorporating this year's theme "Biodiversity in Tourism"

The annual Negros Trade Fair has always been a fashionista’s dream. Why? Simple. There’s always a find for them – something unique, stylish, and just, oh, so beautiful. So come September 14-18, 2016, at the Glorietta Activity Center, fashionistas should come in full force.

Exhibitions like Negros Trade Fair help sustain communities of artisans in developing markets; by cultivating innovative business practices & providing an avenue to promote and sell their locally made products. Exhibitors use resources which are unique in their communities and incorporate their artisan skills to produce products for the global market.

As in previous years’, the 31st Negros Trade Fair will again have a mind-boggling array of fashion and accessories that will satisfy every craving of any fashionista. There will be the clothes, accessories, fashion jewelry and what have you that will add to that special look you want to achieve.

In the press conference of Negros Trade Fair last September 13, the representative of fashion sector, Margaret “Maymay” Villacin, proudly promoted the fashion industry of Negros. Some of the exhibitors  in this sector this year are MCV Designs, Reyes house of Piña, Masaste Art Collection, Tickled Tripper, ChiEvs Stones and Crystals by Maria Sigrid Dugeno-Lo, Kiculo Crafts, Ellege Fashion, Casa Mercedes and the business owned by Ms. Villacin, Maitasun Lan.
But some of the fashion and accessories available at the 31st Negros Trade Fair will have a new twist. In line with this year’s theme of Biodiversity in Tourism, some of the producers’ creativity was challenged and they faced up to it by creating items that incorporate the diverse natural beauty that nature has blessed this particular island paradise.

 Some of these accessories are necklaces made of clay and bamboo clutch. Most of the jewelries and accessories are handcrafted in the local municipalities of Negros. Imagine fashion items inspired by the species’ endemic only to Negros? Unique, huh? You’ll never find that shopping in any of the other places around the metro! That’s for sure!

The fashion and accessory finds at the Negros Trade Fair isn’t just for fashionistas though. There’s a find for anyone and everyone…from babies to those with grand babies, there’s the piece that’s just perfect for you. What’s best is that their all beautifully created and designed, as well as crafted to the highest quality standards.

So if it’s unique fashion and accessories you’re looking for, the 31st Negros Trade Fair is the place for you. You can visit the trade event until Sunday. Hurry up!

ChiEvs Stones and Crystals by Maria Sigrid Dugeno-Lo
  Ellege Fashion
  Kiculo Crafts: The Pandan Bag Ladies

 Masaste Art Collection
 MCV Designs
 Casa Mercedes
 Reyes House of Piña
  Tickled Tripper

31st Negros Trade Fair "One Sweet Spot"
September 14-16, 2016, 
Glorietta Mall, Makati

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The Negros Trade Fair is the longest running provincial trade fair in the Philippines held annually in Metro Manila since 1985.

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