Monday, September 19, 2016

The Twilight of the 31st Negros Trade Fair

The 31st Negros Trade Fair concluded on the 18th of September by the tolling of the “bell”.

The longest running provincial trade fair in the country was attended by a lot of people, including TV personalities and government officials of the country.

On its last day, an event on conservation and celebration of Biodiversity was conducted for nature lovers. The program was organized by Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. and Danjugan Sanctuary. Some of the keynote speakers and performers during the event were Celine Fabie, author of the Legend of Juan Pawikan, Gio Levy, Jeyvi Castillo, and wildlife biologist and ornithologist Lisa Paguntalan.

The twilight of the week-long celebration of Negrense’s culture was marked by a light high resounding sound of the “bell”.

ANP is hopeful to see you next year (2017) at the 32nd Negros Trade Fair.

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The Negros Trade Fair is the longest running provincial trade fair in the Philippines held annually in Metro Manila since 1985.

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